The following terms and conditions apply for membership in DTU Sport as of April 1st, 2018.  


DTU Sport offers students and staff at DTU the opportunity to use the association’s sports facilities, including changing and shower facilities. Use of the sports facilities is subject to a membership fee. The duration of the individual sports activities varies but appears from the association’s website and the description of the individual classes.
Some of the indoor facilities in Building 101b on the Lyngby Campus may be closed in connection with exams, Commemoration Day, graduation ceremonies, etc. This is reflected in the membership fee. Information on closures is announced via DTU Sport’s website and Facebook page as well as on notices posted around the sports hall.
Any changes to membership fees and terms and conditions will be notified at least two months before the change takes effect via DTU Sport’s website and on notices posted outside the sports hall office. All prices stated are inclusive of all fees. 


DTU students and staff can become a member of DTU Sport. Registration and payment must be made online via our website. It is your responsibility to keep your personal data updated.
Access to the center is automatically given to the user's student card or employee card and therefore we do not recommend signing up without having a pass card available.
If you have another relationship with DTU (look further down) and want membership, contact the sports supervisor


Full price for employees and everyone with a guest card. 20 % discount for DTU students if they have a student card.
In connection with your first payment, you accept that the association is allowed to charge payment of future membership fees to your debit or credit card until you cancel your membership. The amount payable is automatically charged to your card. The payment receipt is sent by email. No later than eight days before each payment, you will receive an email/a text message informing you how much you have to pay.  PLEASE READ SECTIONS 1 & 2 BELOW!

  1. Members of who book courts will be assigned the same court (day and time) unless DTU Sport has had to change the allocation of courts. If this is the case, an email will be sent no later than one month prior to the start of the semester with a proposal for another court at more or less the same time on the same day, or at the same time on another day. You will thus have plenty of time to cancel your membership if you do not want to accept the new court offered (read about cancellation below)
  2. Members registered for fitness or body biking classes and members of the fitness center at Risoe have an uninterrupted membership that runs until it is canceled.  
Before the expiry date of the debit/credit card, or in the event of changes to card data, the association will send an email with a reminder to the cardholder, and you must then pay the membership fee or register using the new debit/credit card. When you have received your new debit/credit card, you must log in to the association on Here, click on “my enrollments", click “Ret Dankortinfo”, and then update your profile with the new data. “Ret Dankortinfo” is not available until you have received your new debit/credit card.
If you have blocked your debit/credit card, you are responsible for registering again with the new card as described above.
All prices are inclusive of all fees. You can pay with Dankort, VisaDankort, MasterCard, and Visa. Be aware that some Visa debit cards & Mastercard debit cards do not support monthly automatic payments. Therefore you can experience that you are notified to update your payment card due to a lack of permission to withdraw payment.


If an outstanding amount cannot be charged to your account on time, your membership will immediately be blocked. The membership card will not be activated again before the amount due has been paid.
If the payment has not been made automatically, it may be due to the expiration date of the payment card or changes in the card data, read more under "payment".

Membership - other relation to DTU

The following persons with another relation to DTU may also use the fitness center, bodybike, badminton- and football exercise:
  • Visiting researchers etc. 
  • Retired DTU staff
  • People working at DTU, but who are not paid by DTU, e.g. canteen, cleaning, security staff, etc.
All persons with another relation to DTU must be created manually in the system, and must therefore contact the Sports Supervisor in person to get the DTU Sport access card. Such persons must be able to document their affiliation to DTU. All persons with affilliation to DTU pay full price.

Cancellation of membership

If you want to cancel your membership, you have to log in at - click on "my enrollments". In the team registration overview click on eg."FITNESS" and click the yellow box "Klik her for at udmelde dig".When you cancel your membership your access card will immediately be inactive to fitness.
If you want the possibility to have access for the rest of the payment period, please send your cancellation to In the email, you must, as a minimum, state which membership you want to cancel and also state your first name, last name, and access card number. The cancellation takes effect from the date we receive it and when you have received a confirmation from DTU Sport. The cancellation must be recieved by DTU sport 1 day before the beginning of next payment period. The membership does not expire until the end of the current membership fee period.

Cancellation as a student or employee at DTU

When your education expires or you stop working as an employee, you will no longer have the right to use DTU Fitness.
You are responsible for unsubscribing your DTU Fitness membership either via the website or per. mail to the Sports Supervisor.
Unused membership is not refundable.

Suspension of membership

Due to the short cancellation notice, it is not possible to suspend your membership. 

Right of cancellation with full refund

In general, no right of cancellation with full refund applies to the purchase of services, e.g. participation in classes. There may, however, be some exceptions, such as illness, changes to timetables etc. In such cases, you should send an email with a detailed explanation. Send an email to Ann-Rose with an explanation. 

Access card.

Access to the selected sport is automatically granted via your student or employee ID card when registration and payment have been made. It may take up to 24 hours before your card is active, but it will typically just take a few minutes. The membership is personal, and the access card may not be used by or transferred to others. If you lose or damage your DTU card, the new card must be re-activated. A new replacement card costs 50kr. Contact the Sports Supervisor

Registration for/deregistration from classes (book a seat)

For some classes, registration is required—register via booking. If you are unable to attend, you must deregister no later than three hours before the class starts.
Members of DTU Bodybike and the fitness centre at Risø will have access to the booking section after having logged in. Here, participation in internal classes is free; however before registering for classes, you must ‘buy’ free punch cards that must be used for each booking. 

Private business activities

You are not allowed to offer paid services in connection with your membership, e.g. coaching, personal training, etc. 

Breach of membership terms or rules of the association

In the event of breach of the membership terms or the guidelines stated for each sports activity, DTU Sport may at any time cancel a membership with immediate effect and without refunding payment for any remaining period.


Guidelines for offensive behavior

DTU Sport follows DTU´s general guidelines for offensive behavior. 



Insurance cover in the event of personal injury

As a general rule, by engaging in sports activities you have accepted the risk involved. This means that it is often difficult to make other people liable for injuries occurring in connection with the exercise of sports and thus be entitled to compensation from others or their insurance company. It will therefore be the athlete’s own personal accident insurance that covers any injuries. Persons using DTU Sport’s sports facilities may hold DTU liable if DTU has acted negligently or in any other way can be said to have caused the injury damage, e.g. as a result of inappropriately placed equipment. If the activity is carried out with others, and the injury is caused by the other person, a claim may be brought against the tortfeasor and his liability insurance (contents insurance/family Insurance). 

Insurance cover in respect of damage to property

If an athlete by simple or gross negligence or intentionally causes damage to another athlete’s equipment at the sports facilities or at DTU’s other facilities, the tortfeasor’s liability insurance must cover the damage. 


DTU Sport assumes no responsibility for any loss due to theft or damage to property.
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