Everyday - 05.00-22.45 

The balcony in Building 101b—the west and south wings of the DTU sports halls—has a 400 m2 fitness centre. The centre is open all year round on all days from 5.00 a.m. – 10.45 p.m. year—except in connection with exams, Commemoration Day, etc.

DTU Fitness is the fitness centre for DTU students and staff. The philosophy behind the fitness centre is to give users a say in how the centre should be, but, in return, we expect them to also take joint responsibility for the centre, handle the equipment properly, and clean up after themselves. If the users live up to this, it will be possible to continuously upgrade the centre, and also to keep the membership fee at an attractive level.
Read as well about the FAQ at the bottom of this page.


Read more about the staff here.
If you want a training programme, or if have any questions, please send an e-mail or contact us at the centre.


In connection with exams and other events, the centre may be fully or partially closed.  Any closures will be announced on DTU Sport’s website and Facebook page as well as on notices posted around the hall.

In May 2017 the fitness center was closed for 13 days between 07.00 and 18.15. In December, the fitness center closes app. 14 days during the winter exams. The number of closures during a year has been taken into consideration when calculating the price of the annual membership fee.

Closures will be announced on DTU Sport's website, Facebook and info screen at the sports hall.  


Your DTU access card automatically gives you access to the centre. It may take up to 24 hours before the card is active.
Access to the center is automatically given to the user's student card or employee card and therefore we do not recommend signing up without having a access card available.
You can normally access the hall area from the runway every day between 5.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m. If the door is locked, please contact Henrik on 93511800.

The membership is personal, and you are not allowed to bring non-members to the centre. There will be regular card checks where those exercising without a card will be asked to leave the centre.

If you want to see the centre before becoming a member, please us at dtufitnesslyngby@gmail.com or sport@dtu.dk.


The following persons with another relation to DTU may also use the fitness centre: 
  • Visiting researchers etc. 
  • Retired DTU staff
  • People working at DTU, but who are not paid by DTU, e.g. canteen, cleaning, security staff, etc.
 All persons with another relation to DTU must be created manually in the system, and must therefore personally contact us at sport@dtu.dk to get the DTU Sport access card. Such persons must be able to document their affiliation with DTU. All persons with affiliation to DTU pay the full price of 200 kr. every second month.


200 dkr. every 2. month (1st of: January, March, May, July, September and November). 25 % discount for students at DTU if you have a student card. Everyone with guest card must pay full price. Sign up here and read about the membership terms here.


  • When can I reach the guard? - If there are problems in the training center or in an adjacent area the DTU-guard may be reached by phone: +45 23 38 60 19
  • Why is there no music in fitness center? - If loud music were to be permitted, it would also be allowed in the climbing club and other nearby sports areas, which quickly would lead to loud mixed music that would result in a very noisy environment. There may be special occations where DTU Sport can grant permission for this, but this should always be announced with post (day and interval)
  • Why is it so cold/warm? - In the summertime, it may heat up due to the large window panes and cooler in the winter for the same reason. This is mainly due to poor insulation of the windows and we have no immediate solution to this problem. Remember to bring appropriate wear and plenty of water in the summer :) 
  • What happens if the equipment is broken? - If you find any equipment broken, defect or near these conditions, don't hesitate to write a mail! (Remember to describe the defect and an instructor/assistant will look at it ASAP). 
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