DTU Sport offers courts for recreational badminton and soccer in Building 101b. The period runs from approximately September 1st to April. A court is rented for the entire period for 60 minutes. The last 5 minutes are used for sweeping the court. It's possible to rent multiple courts – either consecutively or separately.

You can also rent available courts on an hourly basis if desired by going to hourly booking for soccer/badminton.

If you wish to switch courts, you can do so by contacting

Badminton in hall 1 (closest to cloakroom) Court 1 in the badminton hall is the one closest to the conference center, which is the western end of the hall. 

Football in hall 2 (closest to Anker Engelunds Vej)


  • No outdoor shoes or black sole shoes are permitted on the courts.
  • The courts must be swept after use (the last five minutes of your session)
  • For some courts hired for afternoon sessions, the players must also remove the net (the last five minutes of your session—as mentioned when you hired the court)
  • At least 50 percent of the participants must be either DTU students or staff or have another relation to DTU (read more below)
  • Users must be able to document their relation to DTU on request
  • Users who are unable to document that they have hired the court will be asked to leave


The hall is closed in connection with official DTU events. The closures will be announced on DTU Sport's website and Facebook page and on notices posted around the hall. The many hall closures are reflected in the membership fee.


The following individuals with a different affiliation to DTU can rent courts:
  • Visiting researchers etc. 
  • Retired DTU staff
  • People working at DTU, but who are not paid by DTU, e.g. canteen, cleaning, security staff, etc.

All individuals with a different affiliation to DTU must be registered manually and personally contact us at to receive a DTU Sport access card. Documentation of the DTU affiliation must be provided upon request. There are no discounts available for memberships with a different affiliation to DTU.


  • Emergency contacts—Securitas, tel. 23 38 60 19 or the Sports Manager, tel. 93 51 18 00


See the fees in the list of classes/activities. 20% discount for students at DTU if you have a student card. Everyone with a guest card must pay full price. Read about the membership terms here.
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