Body biking is a type of high-intensity indoor cycling, where you burn a lot of calories in the course of an hour. It is also an effective workout for those suffering from injuries from other sports, as it is gentle on knees and hips which are prone to injuries in many other sports. Body biking effectively exercises the buttocks and thighs, but you also train your back and abdomen.
It is a good alternative in the winter for road cyclists, as you can make programmes simulating your preferred summertime routes.
Body biking programmes are normally a mix of fast-interval training and heavy hill training spiced up with suitable music. The choice of programme and music does, however, differ from instructor to instructor.
A semester may include events such as marathons, duathlons, theme classes, etc. Most events will be planned by the instructors with the help and inspiration from the members. So if you are interested in a particular type of event, just contact one of the instructors.
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  • Anna Sidse Deleuran
  • Simon Lehnskov Lange
  • Leif Nielsen
  • Rie Kjær Andersen
  • Anders Brink Nyberg 
  • Mette Rasmussen (voluntary administrative assistant and contact)
  • Peter Miedema (voluntary assistant and bike responsible)
Read more about the staff here.


Bodybike is located in the basement in Building 101b. Access from the sports hall—follow the signs. During exam periods, there is no access from the sports hall. Access is instead via Building 101a. When signing up for body biking, you are automatically given access to the room with your student or employee ID card.


Registration for the individual hours must be done via the booking module, read more here. 


After creation your profile everyone has the opportunity for a free trial in BB, Lyngby. Booking for this one free trial is done through the booking module.


The following persons with another relation to DTU may also use the fitness centre:
  • Visiting researchers etc. 
  • Retired DTU staff
  • People working at DTU, but who are not paid by DTU, e.g. canteen, cleaning, security staff, etc.
All persons with another relation to DTU must be created manually in the system, and must therefore contact the Sports Supervisor in person to get the DTU Sport access card. Such persons must be able to document their affiliation to DTU. There are not given discounts for memberships with another relation to DTU. 


This membership also gives you access to body biking at Risoe Campus, if you already have access to Risoe Campus via the entry gate.


125 dkr. every 2. month - 135 dkr. from 1-3-2019 - (1st of: January, March, May, July, September and November). 20 % discount for students at DTU if you have a student card. Everyone with guest card must pay full price. Sign up here and read about the membership terms here.